Park Commission

December 11, 2019 @ 6:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Town Hall
210 College Hwy break room

Southampton, MA Park Commission
Southampton Park Commission Agenda for December 11, 2019
6:00pm meeting at Town Hall, break room
• Attendance:
• Open sealed bids for General Contract for “Labrie Field House”
• Review of Minutes of Meetings 10/30/19:
• Pay Bills:
Eversource #54665168043 ~ TBD
• Old Business:
1. Angel statue at Crossroads Park, new pavers. Need to discuss walkway, landscaping design and construction. Estimate from Western MA Masons.
2. Conant Park and Labrie Field, field use applications and payments.
3. Labrie Field, installation of Irrigation System and Field Repairs.
Additional needs are: a parking rail fence, bulletin board & benches and other improvements.
4. Update on delivery on new sign for Crossroads Park and Labrie Field, 29 Strong Road address. $6,000.00 for signs from CPA funds. Cost of signs is $7,400.00.
5. Master Plan Implementation Committee, replacement member.
6. Open Space & Recreational Committee, update by Paula of meeting on 12/3/19.
7. Update on construction of three to four new Pickleball Courts at Conant Park, requested by Janet Cain.
• New Business:
1. Request for skateboard park and capital improvement projects.
2. Open Time for the Public:
Next meeting date: